Fixed Easy Chair 600

Fixed Seats

The fixed easy chair 600 from Mayor Tapizados is a fixed chair WITHOUT removable covers with a fibre covered rubber seat and backrest. Beech feet in natural Oak Colour, although there are other colour options for the feet such as Walnut, Cherry or Wenge.

The size of the fixed easy chair 600 makes this type of chair fantastic to be able to place in almost any room of the home and enjoy its great comfort. You can use it to rest or to put on and remove your shoes comfortably.

frase familia

“This small and unique auxiliary easy chair is the perfect accessory to any space. Ideal as a shoe-removing chair."




Data sheet

Solid pine wood, particle board and MDF Seat with elastic webbing.
Rubber of 30Kg, soft, fibre covered.
Rubber 25Kg. Super soft, fibre covered.
Simple edge stitching
In beech wood with a height of 28 cm. Natural Oak Colour.