Motorised Relax Armchair 300

The motorised relax armchair 300 is a motorised armchair that adds comfort to your daily life thanks to its POWER LIFT system: A motorised system of opening and lifting. Ideal for older people or those with reduced mobility. It has the option of manual push opening. High rubber backrest. It does NOT have removable covers.

frase familia

“This relax armchair with simple lines will give you a pleasant and unique rest. In addition, it has the option of POWER LIFT: You will be able to get up without any help or effort. Ideal for older people or those with reduced mobility”.




Data sheet

Solid pine wood, particle board and MDF Backrest with elastic webbing. Seat with wooden frame and zig-zap springs in a push system and metallic frame when it has a motor.
Does NOT have removable covers, in 28 Kg rubber
Foam of 20 Kg. Super Soft (does Not have removable covers)
Manual relax with push system or motorised relax with *POWER LIFT: Motorised opening and lifting system (with just 1 motor). Ideal for older people.
Simple edge stitching.