Jarama Relax

Relax Sofas

The Jarama Relax sofa, with a modern and functional design, can be combined with the different dimensions of the relax and fixed models available. Amongst its characteristics, we can highlight its rubber backrests, absence of armrests, its front relax without division and wall 0 relax, which means it isn't necessary to have extra space behind the sofa since, during the opening up of the sofa, it remains against the wall.

The relax buttons are found hidden between the seats, since this way it isn’t necessary to move the arm during the opening process, which increases the comfort. It can be combined with chaise longue with matching chest to store your belongings, which is tremendously useful when it comes to gaining space.

You can choose between different dimensions and types of arms with chrome plated detail (arm with pouffe, arm with chest or arm with remote control tray). The seats and backrests have removable covers. In addition, it has decorative double stitching on the front panel of the relax and on the arms. Folding chrome headrests with multiple positions, which makes it the ideal sofa for reading or watching your favourite television channel.

Includes decorative fibre cushions, there is a matching corner module in a straight “L” shape and there are pouffes to match this model.

frase familia

“A relax with straight, modern lines with designer arms thanks to its chromed details”




Data sheet

Solid pine wood, particle board and MDF.
Polyurethane foam of 30 Kg with removable covers. Soft.
Polyurethane foam of 30 Kg with removable covers. Soft.
3 cushions of 40 x 40 in siliconised hollow fibre for compositions with chaise longue. 2 cushions of 40 x 40 in siliconised hollow fibre for sofas.
In seats with motorised relax mechanisms, “wall 0” and hidden button. Opening of chaise longue - chest with hydraulic gas pumps. Foldable chrome headrests that recline105º.
Stitched with double seam in leather and leatherette. Edge stitching on fabric. Chrome feet and front arm.