Sliding and fixed sofas

The Magnum Sofa is a contemporary, simple and practical sliding sofa. It is a versatile model that can be used as a sofa bed thanks to its sliding seats. Expanding easily thanks to its system of wheels to the ground, they manage to form a useful bed of 96 cm. wide by 200 cm. High. They can also be combined with other sliding modules, to make your living room an original and unique room.

Its comfortable backrests are made of soft 25 kg polyurethane foam. They have a height from the ground of 103 centimeters. The seats have a standard soft seat, that is, they are neither too hard nor too soft. In addition the seats and backrests are removable to favor the cleaning of the Magnum sofa.

It is manufactured with a 24 cm arm that also contains an integrated trunk, with block sliders. For your comfort it has reclining heads that can be placed in several positions, which makes this sofa ideal for reading or watching your favorite channel in the most comfortable way. In addition, for convenience when setting up your instant bed, the chrome heads can be folded up to 105º. Its Wengué colored wooden legs give it a current look.


Data sheet

Solid pine wood, particle board and DM.
With block sliders. Removable in 30 kg polyurethane foam. soft. + 5 CM VISCOELASTIC
Removable in 25 kg polyurethane foam. soft.
Embellishment cushions are not included. For extra cushions see auxiliary rate.
Seats with block sliders, with wheels on the ground. Arms with block sliders. 105º chromed folding heads.
Sewn with tab. Wenge wood legs.