Tesla Relax

Relax Sofas

The Tesla Relax sofa boasts a contemporary and functional design, since the relax modules (there are various dimensions) can be combined with the fixed modules (which you can also find in different dimensions). One of the main characteristics are the super high fibre backrests of 105 centimetres from the floor, which pamper and support your back and neck to offer you maximum comfort. Ideal for tall people.

Full front relax (without division). Wall 0 relax, so the sofa stays against the wall when you open the mechanism, meaning you don't need to have additional space behind it. The hidden buttons between the seats on the Tesla Relax model are very practical since they ensure your hand doesn’t need to move whilst the relax opens. If the button panel were within sight of the arm, when opening the mechanism, the hand would move further away and as a result it would be more uncomfortable.

You can combine it with the matching chaise longue chest which will enable you to store everything you want to and save space. In addition, the Tesla sofa has the option of choosing between different dimensions and arms such as arm with pouffe, with chest or with remote control holder.

The seats and backrests have removable covers, the fibre armrests are super comfortable and the foldable chrome headrests with multiple positions, ideal for watching television or reading. The feet are made of wood with different colour options to choose between: Wenge, walnut or natural oak.

"Our top selling relax sofa. A complete mix of ergonomics, comfort, design and functionality suitable for all tastes."


Data sheet

Solid pine wood, particle board and MDF Steel chassis on motorised relax models.
Polyurethane foam of 30 Kg with removable covers. Soft.
Removable covers siliconised hollow fibre.
Two cushions of 45x55 cm with bolster in compositions with chaise longue. For the rest of the sofas and modules, decorative cushions are not included, just the rubber armrests.
In seats with motorised relax mechanisms, “wall 0” and hidden button. Opening of chaise longue - chest with hydraulic gas pumps.
Edge stitching. Option without decorative stitching on the headrests and armrests at the same price. Wooden feet.