Estela Cardio


The double-motor relax sofa that revolutionizes comfort and takes care of you while you rest.

Estela Cardio is the comfortable sofa par excellence. This high-tech sofa is innovative due to its double-motor relaxation system, which drives, on the one hand, the mechanism that raises the legs above the heart, facilitating blood circulation, and, on the other hand, the mechanism that moves the head (both in height and in tilt) to the desired position.

Being heart-healthy softens blood pressure and helps us combat stress. This position facilitates the relaxation of the lumbar muscles, relieves fatigue and swelling of the feet and legs, and the tension accumulated in the joints.

It is designed with high quality materials. Its highly resistant and dense seats are made of super-breathable HR45 HIPERFLEX 45 kg/m3 rubber, which provides perfect firmness, support, resistance and flexibility. It is a fully ergonomic sofa and adapts to different morphological structures. 

A whole experience in sensations and details designed for comfort and to facilitate your day-to-day, details such as the USB charging device or a small touch button available on each arm of the sofa, with which the is activated with a simple touch. double motorized relaxation system unfolding, seat, backrest and footrest. 

It also has the "wall 0" system allowing reclining without having to separate the sofa from the wall, with which it is not necessary to have extra space in the back since during the opening the sofa remains attached to the wall at all moment.

It is offered in several different modules, which allows you to optimize space and create your ideal rest area. It can be chosen in different formats, being able to be combined with a fixed chaise longue, and in different types of upholstery and colours. 

Make room for the new king of your living room! Estela Cardio, the high-tech relax sofa that revolutionizes comfort and takes care of you while you rest.


Data sheet

Solid pine wood, particle board and MDF Steel chassis on motorised relax models.
Polyurethane foam of 30 Kg with removable covers. Soft... + 4 cm layer of viscoelastic.
Decorative cushions are not included, just the armrests in siliconised hollow fibre.
In seats with motorised relax mechanisms, “wall 0” and hidden button. Folding chrome multipoint 100o headrests, ideal for reading and watching TV Opening of chaise longue - chest with hydraulic gas pumps.
Edge stitching in fabric, leather and leatherette. Chrome feet of 10 cm in height by default. Option of metallic feet with anthracite. This model CANNOT be manufactured with wooden feet.
Fixed modules can be combined with relax modules but they cannot be comined with pullout modules.
Cabezales y Riñonera
Removable covers in 25 kg polyurethane foam. Super soft. Manual head heads reclining several positions or motorized, elevable and reclining heads. Head of the chaiselongue module always manual.