The Ferrari sliding sofa is a model that stands out for its modern and functional design, with great modularity, ideal for customizing your sofa and adapting it to your space. The sliding seats open manually so you can perfectly adjust the seat to your posture, for maximum comfort. It is completely designed for your comfort!

The Ferrari model can be combined with a chest chaise longue to store your things. Other characteristics of this sofa model are its fiber backrests and armrests that provide a maximum degree of comfort, its soft seat with 5 centimeters of VISCOELASTICA and its removable backrests and seats.

To enjoy your moments of reading or watching television, the Ferrari model has folding headrests with multiple positions according to need, just like the seats. With fabric side tab stitching. The legs are chrome by default.

"Un sofá deslizante con cabezales abatibles, que se ajusta a la perfección a tu postura"


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