Sliding and Fixed Sofas

The Martina sofa is a fixed sofa with an edgy design with low backrests and made of rubber. It can be combined with fixed chaise longue or other fixed modules. Exists as sofa bed. The seats and backrests have removable covers to facilitate their cleaning. Trim details on arms and backrests.

The feet are chrome and have the option of wooden or metallic feet in anthracite colour. The Martina sofa is an ideal sofa for a cleaning robot due to its feet being 13 centimetres in height. There are poufs to match this sofa..

“A different concept of fixed sofa. Lightness and elegance for modern spaces that are looking for a special touch.”


Data sheet

Solid pine wood, particle board and MDF
Polyurethane foam of 30 Kg with removable covers. Soft.
Polyurethane foam of 25 Kg with removable covers. Super soft.
The fixed sofas and sofa beds do not include decorative cushions. The compositions with chaise longue have 2 cushions.
ORIGINAL Italian system with metal mesh and webbing on the seat. It is not necessary to remove the seats and backrests to open up the bed. Sofa bed with a guide system on the arms and rear.
Edged stitching and finish with trim on arm and cushions. (The trim is not done on leather). Chrome feet of 13 cm in height on sofa beds and fixed sofas, and of 21 cm in height for easy chair. Ideal height for cleaning robot.