The Polo sofa is a cosmopolitan pull our sofa, super practical and designer with pull out sliding seats. This model of sofas is a model with extensive modularity, absolutely ideal for personalising your sofa to the full and adapting it to the available space. It can be combined with fixed corner chaise longue or other fixed pull out modules.

The seats of the Polo sofa are soft, providing a comfortable and very relaxing sit down. This comfortable seat is mainly thanks to its backrests with soft rubber and foldable headrests with multiple positions, ideal for watching television or reading. The seats and folding headrests facilitate cleaning (the back cushions do not have removable covers).


Data sheet

Solid pine wood, particle board and MDF
Polyurethane foam of 30 Kg with removable covers. Soft.
Headrests made of polyurethane foam of 25 Kg with removable covers. Super soft. Seats DO NOT have removable covers.
For compositions and modules with fixed angle lounge chair 200cm and 165cm.: 3 cushions 45x45cm. For compositions and modules with fixed lounge chair 170cm.: 2 cushions of 55x65cm.
Seats with sliding tray. 105o chrome folding headrests.
Chromed metal feet. BLACK NIQUEL foot option of 12 cm. height
Trunk Arm
Otherwise, any composition or sofa will have ONLY ONE TRUNK.