Italian Bed Sofas

The Vega sofa bed has simple and clean lines with backrests made of siliconised hollow fibre. The seats and backrests have removable covers to facilitate their cleaning. It is not necessary to remove the seats and backrests to open up the bed and it includes 2 decorative fibre cushions.

Mattress of 140 centimetres in width by 185 centimetres in length There is the option of a smaller mattress measuring 120 centimetres in width. Thickness of 12 centimetres. Mattress sealed and padded on both sides with rubber of 25Kg. Optional mattress of HR35Kg or HR35Kg + 3 centimetres of viscoelastic. The arms and rear are removable (with guide system). Wooden feet with different colour options to choose between: Wenge, Walnut or Natural Oak.

frase familia

“A traditional sofa bed that joins together comfort and functionality”




Data sheet

Solid pine wood, particle board and MDF
Removable covers. Polyurethane foam of 28 Kg.
Removable covers in siliconised hollow fibre.
Includes 2 decorative cushions.
Sofa bed with Italian system with metal mesh and webbing on the seat. It is not necessary to remove the seats and backrests to open up the bed. Sofa bed with a guide system on the arms and rear.
Edge stitching. Wooden feet.