Premium Sofas

Vento is the premium sofa that everyone will want to have at home. An exclusive sofa, with refined lines, with a sophisticated and modern touch, inspired by current trends... and at a competitive price.

It has ergonomic silicone hollow fiber backrests. key and necessary aspect to achieve a comfortable and healthy posture. The seats, made of 30 kg polyurethane foam. Soft offers superior comfort and balanced pressure distribution.

It is offered in several different modules, which allows you to optimize space and create your ideal rest area. It can be chosen in different formats, being able to be combined with a fixed chaise longue, and in different types of upholstery and colours. It is also ideal for the cleaning robot, due to its 12-centimeter high legs.

If you want a sofa with a high-end design. luxury and quality do not miss this super novelty.


Data sheet

Solid pine wood, particle board and MDF Steel chassis on motorised relax models.
Polyurethane foam of 30 Kg with removable covers. Soft... + 4 cm layer of viscoelastic.
Removable covers in 25 kg polyurethane foam. super soft. MANUAL HEAD HEADS reclining several positions or MOTORIZED, ELEVABLE and RECLINING HEADS. HEAD OF THE CHAISELONGUE MODULE ALWAYS MANUAL.
3 cushions of 45 x 45 cm. and 3 fanny packs of 65 x 35 cm. in siliconized hollow fiber for compositions with chaise longue. 2 cushions of 45 x 45 cm. and 1 65 x 35 cm fanny pack for sofas, sofa modules and chaise longue modules.
By default, 12 cm metal legs. high matt black. Optional chromed metal leg.